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JACK AND JILL BUCKING :                                                                                   Picture
Same as the Two Man Bucking, except requires the participation of a male and female competitor. JILL AND JILL BUCK :
Same as the Two Man Bucking, except requires the participation of two female competitors . ONE MAN BUCKING :                                                                                             Picture
Same as the Two Man Bucking, except requires the participation of only one competitor.  No weight or device may be hung on the free end of the saw. BOW SAWING :
One or more cuts will be made with a saw whose blade will be 50 inches or less between the pin holes and will be secured on each end to a "bow saw" frame.  Saw frames are to be in no way weighted.  Wood for this event is typically no larger than 12 inches in diameter, and is secured with the top of the log between 30 and 36 inches from the ground.  Contestants are normally allowed 2 inches of wood per cut and must make their cuts within the designated area.  In case of a partial cut, another cut is allowable; timing is continuous . HOT SAW RULES :                                                                                                   Picture
There are many variations in the restrictions for this event and it is left up to the discretion of the individual contest to decide which apply.  Among the possible restrictions are: a) Open Class in which the saw may be of any manufacture including snowmobile, motorcycle, go cart and chainsaw.  Restricted to one cylinder, pull start saws. b) Modified Stock in which the saw must have originated as a chainsaw which was then modified.  c) Stock Appearing in which the saw must have originated as a stock chainsaw and still appears to be one although it may be highly modified "under the covers".  Tuned exhausts and uncovered carburetors would not be allowed.  In each of these cases the power saw will be of contestants' choice but limited to one cylinder and must be manually started by the pulling of a cord.
Each Hot Saw may be used by only one contestant per contest.
Each saw should include a sprocket cover to keep thrown chains with the saw.
Excessive filing of the chain "side plates" should be disallowed for safety reasons.
Shields of some type should be used in front of and behind each competitor to protect the spectators in the event of a saw blowing up, or a chain breaking.
GENERAL AXE THROWING RULES :                                                                  Picture
The center of the bull's eye is to be exactly 60 inches from the ground.  The foul line is 20 feet straight out from the bull's eye then down.
Points will be scored in the highest point ring into which the axe has penetrated. If both points stick there should be no points given for that throw.  The axe must stick in the target until the Judge removes it or instructs the contestant to do so.
Contestants must stand behind the foul line.  The axe must be released before either foot crosses the foul line.
The axe must be double bitted of at least 2-1/2 pounds and have an overall length of no less than 24 inches and no greater than 40 inches (as measured from the top of the eye to the end of the handle).  The blade width should not exceed 6 inches.  The single sticking edge of the axe will be the scoring edge.
One practice throw and a minimum of 3 throws for score.  If the contestant does not wish to have a practice throw it is his/her responsibility to inform the judges before starting his/her first throw.
As noted earlier in Safety Precautions, the area behind the target must be kept clear of people in an area of at least 30 feet deep by 20 feet wide.  If at all possible a "backstop" should be used.
It is up to the judge to carefully "back-out" the axe head if the axe is on the borderline of a higher scoring ring.  The contestant should not be allowed to touch the axe handle until the judge has scored the throw.
Note that there is a lot of variation in targets throughout North America.  The following should only be considered as a guideline.  The target should be approximately 36 inches in diameter with five scoring areas, 4 inch bull's eye with 4 inch width rings.  The bull's eye shall score 5 points, the next outside area 4 points, the next 3 points, the next 2 points and the next 1 point.  Alternatively the target could be 20 inches in diameter with a four inch bull's eye and 2 inch rings.  This option will decrease the number of ties to be thrown off.  Ties for placement should be broken by a one throw, "sudden death" format.

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Various - 50 eMCee'sVarious - 50 eMCee's